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"BOWSKI:  a PR Blurb" - by FAKE BLOOD

His intricate melodic techy numbers have a mischievous bump that gets the shoulders going. You can't help but start twitching and jerking about like a clockwork Dracula. And his productions have proper finesse. Skills that hopefully will do more than pay his bills, but buy him vulgar cars and quadbikes and shite jewellery with which he can annoy his village neighbours.

I came across his MySpace page a good while ago. There were about 2 songs on there, and very little info. But one of those tracks was "Hooves", which I instantly loved and played out loads, eventually licensing it for my Wax:On mix CD earlier this year.

He seemed quite bemused and surprised by all this, being the humble chap he is; so I thought I'd make it even more baffling and ask him to release some tracks on my label, Blood Music. So here we are...

Hope he likes doing all this, cos I reckon he'll be at it for a while.








Leggings starts off sounding like a game of hide and seek in a church.

Lots of oohs, tapped pipes, and wooden thumps, before a melodic breakdown that reminds me of puppets tumbling around in some kind of baroque instrument. "Reminds" might be the wrong word, as I've never actually witnessed anything  like this.

Then deep voice pulses and chords bring it rising to the point of anticipation - and we're off  - with a bass sounding like two massive toads arguing, over a tight and bouncy techno drum.

A pause, then they go at it for a second round, with toad 2 a little more worked up this time, until he resorts to chasing the other around with a dentist drill. But it's all quite restrained and in very good taste.


I asked Bowski for this version, based on various earlier incarnations of the track - to take the best bits of those draughts and combine them into a new edit.

This time the toads are singing a nice question and answer session, before the arguing starts up in earnest. Dancing ensues throughout.


A guy booms and pahs a tune to himself, before the we are transported into some kind of 80's haunted house Nintendo game.

Lots of hopping and chopping through various chambers, big laughing bats swoop around you and bits of the ceiling fall on your head, while the drums roll and skip along, and the subs keep you warm.

A male choir imitates the peals of the church bell for the melodic crescendo, and you've completed the level. This will sound great in a big room or a sweaty basement alike.

Bowski - Biography

It would look a whole lot better to say Bowski comes from the depths of the Bristol underground, but unfortunately he doesn't. He's from Romsey, a small place in the south surrounded by trees and tractors. Despite growing up in this rural market town where its inhabitants complain to the local paper about the internet and charity shops, Bowski somehow managed to find a nice slice of electronic music. You see this type of music is a rarity in Romsey. The majority of the residents prefer to sing along to the ‘Sound Of Music' soundtrack whilst drinking bucks fizz on a tartan rug. You won't see many people enjoying house or techno, which is probably why Bowski got the odd complaint from the neighbours when he first bought a set of decks.

After learning how to mix one song into another he ventured off to Bristol. He thought it would be easy to get a few gigs, with the city being so rich in musical culture. But it actually turned out half the population of Bristol DJ'd in some form or another, so it wasn't as simple as making a mix full of bangers and handing it to a couple of promoters. It seemed the only way to get a decent set was by making a half decent tune that bigger DJs might want to play.

After finally deciding on his name, which came from a popular film involving a lazy man with a beard, Bowski made his first proper track. This turned out to be ‘Hooves'; a relatively simple track featuring a couple of his mates making ‘bom' sounds. It was only meant to be a learning curve for producing, but it got picked up by Fake Blood and Boy 8 Bit, and it gave Bowski the chance to play his favourite tracks across the UK and in Ibiza, the complete polar opposite to little old Romsey.

Now that Bowski has moved along from mixing dodgy mash ups in his bedroom you'll hear a variety of different jingles. Sometimes you'll hear rolling basslines with toe tapping beats and other times you'll hear stripped back bleeps alongside playful melodies. Who knows, maybe you'll catch him playing these in the near future. You may even find yourself nodding your head to them a little bit...


WaxOn 029 - Bowski - WaxOn Fridays at Mint Club Vol5

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